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What Is Barbequia?

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Explore the concept of Barbequia - simple and yet it spans all facets of life. 

This site is dedicated to sharing this concept and exploring its many levels and facets as well as practical ways to implement the Barbequian Philosophy and virtues in our lives.

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Discover Barbequia

The Independent Faith Church

The Independent Faith Church is a Trans-denominational church that embraces everyone and all of God's creatures through implementation of the spiritual/practical/religious principles of Barbequianism or The Independent Nation of Barbequia.

The absolute beauty of Barbequia and the independent Faith Church is that it focuses on what we have in common rather than our differences and there is no need to renounce any religion or philosophy to practice the philosophy of Barbequia.

We are indeed a church of peace - We are all connected.

Visit our site  for more information, activities, meeting schedules, etc.

Our Charities

Our Sponsored Charities

We participate directly with several charities on an ongoing basis and we also support others periodically that we deem compatible with our interests and values.

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IFC Nature Adventures

IFC Nature Adventures is an organization of Barbequia and The IFC to promote appreciation and conservation of nature through highly enjoyable, experiential and educational activities like hikes, day trips to the coast, canoeing or kayaking the Willamette River, Camping etc. We organize trips throughout the year for groups, families and organizations with guides that share information and their passion for the outdoors and nature.

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Our Natural Products

We make and sell high quality natural personal hygeine and health  products.  The proceeds of our sales and donations go directly to benefit the charities we are involved with.  We do NOT have "administrative expenses" as we are all non-compensated volunteers.

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Righteous Indignation

Righteous Indignation - Who Wrote These Bible Stories? is a compilation of Bible stories of the Old Testament told by the author with key verses cited verbatim from the King James Version of the Bible.        


The author’s intent is to illustrate in a humorous albeit irreverent way, the ludicrous nature of the notion that these stories can or should be taken literally. The stories also highlight the dicotomy of the attributes of god as portrayed in the Bible, in particular the Old Testament.

WARNING -  This page may be offensive to those who believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible.  While we respect all religions and philosophies, we reserve the right to question all things - and this is q lot of questioning.

If you have strong feelings about the literal nature of the Bible, then lets agree to disagree and you probably don't want to read it.  My intent is not to offend, but to get people to think in a fun and yes somewhat irreverent way.

Important Note:

Barbequia and the Independent Faith Church believe firmly in God but we differentiate God from deities calling themselves god; especially petty deities that coerce through fear of anger, smite, vengeance, hell, punishment, or any of the flawed characteristics of humanity that a God of love could not possibly possess and be a God of perfection. Our beliefs on heaven and hell make our view different from more harsh and judgmental philosophies in that we do not believe in "the fire of hell" because only a very sick and sadistic father would impose such a vile threat to his children and God is NOT such a petty deity. We do NOT believe that God is anything but LOVE and our focus is on reciprocating that love and NOT on fear of punishment or falling short.

While some who are shocked by the harsh nature of this book cry out with accusations of hypocrisy stating that it contradicts the Barbequian concept of non-judgment and love, we say it illustrates why we choose to broaden our resource materials and why our philosophies do not include teachings of the Old Testament. We kinda thought Jesus came to abolish the old law and usher in the law of love and forgiveness so we choose to follow that route.  Animal sacrifice, death and destruction out of anger and vengeance as well as the plethora of barbaric acts depicted in what some consider a holy book are best left to justify terrorism, capital punishment, torture, mutilation, war etc. and we have no interest in these. But I sure had a fun time writing about it.

Dave Moreno

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